Financial Assistance Fund and Challenge Grant

 As you are well aware, the economic downturn has affected so many families all over the country in general, and it has affected local families as well. We have seen a substantial increase in the number of CSHH area families who have found themselves in need of help from the Club in order for their children to play soccer. In the past, our Club made a limited amount of financial assistance available from our general fund. The need has grown, and one of our members has stepped forward with a phenomenal gift in the form of a challenge grant to start a dedicated Financial Assistance Fund for those in need. This generous donor pledged to match all donations made to our new Fund through the end of March 2015, up to a maximum of $50,000! The Financial Assistance Fund will be completely segregated from our general fund, and no funds will be commingled. We plan to make available up to 10% of the money in the Fund each year for assistance. This plan will help ensure that the Fund perpetuates, and we will hopefully replenish and/or grow the Fund each year through new donations. The Fund will be administered by a 3-person committee, including at least 2 Board members. All Fund grants will be held in confidence, and applicants must document need. Recipients will be strongly encouraged to take part in Club activities such as referees, field lining, or Munchkins training as a way to offset the assistance.

Please consider accepting the challenge and making a donation to the Financial Assistance Fund if you are in a position to do so. Your gift will truly make a difference in the lives of our area children. To make a donation, please click and then click on Financial Assistance Fund to choose the amount of your donation.